By connecting her soul to the song, Bush’s voice has the potential to inspire. - Tim Reid Jr., Music Connection


Shoshana is a vocalist and song writer living and working in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Shoshana, a chameleon of sorts, creates and performs around town in different musical projects spanning genres from jazz & blues to r&b / hip hop to dance / electronic. Her eclectic style and multi-genre participation is connected by one clear thing: her voice.
For eight years, Shoshana worked in New York as a jazz and blues singer.  High-lighted by the release of her album Shoshana Bush & Friends Live at Catalina Jazz Club, Shoshana performed at New York's most esteemed venues including Birdland and Cornelia Street Cafe.  In November 2014, Shoshana played at NY's famed Blue Note opening for Jane Monheit as a part of their Emerging Artist Series.
Maya Angeles, Shoshana's electronic / hip hop inspired project, consists of a shapeshifting group of MCs and producers.  The one distinction in the music being Shoshana and her voice.
Shoshana's newest collaboration, entitled Little Foolsis with fellow jazz musician and fabulous NY guitarist Aki Ishiguro. Their sound is blues, rock, soulful and folky. The duo just recorded their first two singles and are about to embark on mini west and east coast tours this Spring.  Their website is under construction so for now, check out Shoshana's SHOWS page for information on Shoshana & Aki's tour dates.